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Project Profiles

African Hornbill with prosthetic chrome cobalt upper beak

Occasionally we are asked to undertake slightly unusual projects that call for prosthetics outside the normal range of our work. Although these are a departure from our day-to-day dental work, the same basic skills are employed, sometimes stretching them to the limit.

If you need an unusual casting, why not contact us and see if we can make it for you?

We have documented some of our more interesting cases here. Click on the links below to view profiles of the projects.

Featured Profile

Double Arm Swing-lock

Figure 1: class 3 jaw relationship, left-hand side

This case was first presented to Steve in 1993. The patient has a class 3 bite, as seen in figs 1,2 and 3, and wanted a denture made to present a class 1 appearance. Previous attempts had failed because the anterior teeth needed to be set so far forward of the ridge that they destabilised the whole appliance even with clasps. The challenge was to manufacture an upper denture that would be at once cosmetically pleasing, retentive and stable.

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